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Intercooler Profile
Since the first presence of 'the intercoolers`'in the late 70`s in the world,it has ignited the passion of performance enthusiasts who desired high performance, sharp handling and be-tter driveablity. The Waystar intercoolers has now taken the legend to new heights and has produced what is arguably the greatest performance yet.
If the turbocharger can be described as the heart of the system, then the intercooler must surely be the lungs!!
Waystar can design and manufacture any custom configured, vertical or horizontal flow high efficiency bar/plate intercooler utilizing custom designed light weight cast aluminum end tanks. Extremely high flow rates and massive temperature reduction - a level of performance that other manufacturers can only aspire to achieve.
With a custom design compact core, the pressure drop is always less than 1.0 psi for a 500 hp flywheel. At the same turbocharger flow conditions, the intercooler outlet temperature is normal less than 15F to 30F higher than ambient, at any vehicle speed over 50mph. Truly outstanding results at such a huge horsepower level. So just like your huge turbocha-rgers, the Waystar intercooler has massive additional headroom available.
Importantly, the Waystar intercooler uses the latest in Bar and Plate core technology, not low cost off the shelf tube and fin. Other than the fact that the intercooler core boasts the highest flow and greatest temperature reduction,the bar and plate construction results in an inherently strong intercooler core of high thermal inertia. The advantage here for the performance street car and drag race enthusiast is that with the core's high thermal inertia, massive reserves of cooling capacity are available in situations where ambient air flow over the core is low.So,after a power run to heat tyres prior to staging for a quarter mile pass,there is plenty of intercooler capacity to launch with full power at your disposal-rather than forsaking power with a tube and fin construction core that becomes heat soaked during the initial burst.
Another aspect worthy of consideration is the internal air passage cross sectional area and fin arrangement of the Waystar Bar and Plate construction in relation to tube and fin. The tube and fin core has a 5mm edge boundary so for say a 3.5" thick core, you lose half an inch in internal thickness which impacts on passage cross sectional area. In addition, the fins are extruded so they are essential in a straight line and parallel to flow. This means that the internal surface area presented to the charge air is nowhere near as great as that on a traditional bar and plate C which has an alternating offset internal fin arrangement. The result is the bar and plate core used in the Waystar intercooler flows better and remo-ves far more temperature than the traditional horizontal flow tube and fin.
The Waystar intercooler core is of internally finned construc-tion and offers significantly enhanced flow and heat exchange performance, particularly at high charge air mass flow rates. Also, unlike other manufacturers of intercoolers who reduce cost by using low cost off the shelf cores, the Waystar intercooler is designed with the optimum ratio of intercooler core surface area (over 225 square inches!) to intercooler volume (787 cubic inches). The result is an intercooler system with outstanding flow and cooling performance, particularly at high engine horsepower levels of 500 - 700hp.
However, there is more to intercooling than size alone. Fully engineered light weight, cast aluminum end tanks ensure optimum charge air distribution throughout the entire cooling core for maximum charge air cooling and minimum pressure drop.
The reality of intercooler excellence in terms of performance equals:
Largest intercooler surface area possible
Optimal intercooler internal passage volume
Lowest possible pressure drop
Highest possible intercooler core efficiency
Matched to the turbocharger air delivery in lb/min
In other words the greatest possible charge air temperature reduction with the lowest possible pressure loss at the rated flow of the turbocharger - Whilst maintaining good throttle response.
An intercooler drops the charge air temperature, which enhances the combustion of the air/fuel mixtures. This more complete combustion of air fuel mixtures produces higher engine power.
Intercooler performance is measured by the amount of energy (temperature) the intercooler can remove from the inlet charge air as well as the pressure drop across the entire system.
Drawing on over 20 years of intercooling design and production knowledge, Waystar has created the ultimate High heat transfer efficiency intercoolers production technology for any turbocharged performance vehicles.
For optimum performance, the intercooler core itself is internally finned with large internal charge air channels. This results in huge cooling capacity with very high contact area for heat transfer and the highest volumetric air flowrate. Just as importantly, the cast alloy end tanks ensure even charge air distribution through the intercooler core without "hot spots" commonly found in normal aftermarket intercoolers. That along with a huge intercooler core volume compared to the standard intercooler's ensures the maximum possible intercooling performance.
At nearly several times the volume of the standard intercooler, The WAYSTAR intercooler is absolutely the largest heat transfer volume intercooler for your car or trucks.


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